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Secure American Insurance is dedicated to providing agents the tools, resources, and mentorship they need to achieve their financial and personal goals and develop an independent agency that can achieve long-term growth, stability, and success. Whether you are new to the insurance world or a seasoned agent, we want to empower agents to develop agencies that fit the needs of their customers while allowing them to achieve unparalleled growth.

Carrier Access

One of the barriers many agents face in other independent agent models is limited access to carriers. We believe that our agents should have access to our carriers from Day 1. We believe that empowering an agent means giving them carrier appointments therefore allowing them to find the right solutions quickly for their clients. Carrier access allows agents to build direct relationships with our carriers, making them an even better resource for their clients.


All agents receive comprehensive training that provide them with the knowledge, tools, and resources to start their agency successfully. The right training will allow you to start contacting clients immediately and feel confident in your sales process.


Technology is key to efficiency in the insurance world. Our agency provides the technology you need to make your agency productive. Our technology contributes tremendously to helping our agents achieve their growth goals through efficient workflows, reports & analytics, lead management, and automation.


Our back office is here to support the needs of all of our agents. We are here to mentor and plan with our agents to help them achieve the success they desire. We are here to be resource for marketing and sales training. We are here to assist our agents in finding solutions that fits the needs of their agencies. We are dedicated to providing the support agents to need to build a stable agency with continuous growth opportunities.


Our model is meant to foster independence. Independence from the constraints of corporate culture and expectations. The freedom to build an agency that you are proud of and that fits your growth goals. We want our agents to have the freedom to make their own schedules, have a better family/work balance, and most importantly, the ability to dictate their future and where it goes.

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