Building A Reliable Income

How High Commission Splits Work

As an insurance agent, you’re used to working for commissions. Receiving commissions to reward the work you do for your customers can be very rewarding if the commission splits are fair. Unlike a captive agent, our independent agents with Secure American Insurance benefit from high commission splits. We don’t believe in keeping the lion’s share when you do all the hard work to attract the client and find the policy that’s right for them.

Why Your Commission Splits Matter

Insurance agencies have some of the most complicated commission schedules available. You might receive a certain percentage of the policy’s first-year premium and a lower percentage for renewals. If a policy is paid in full and then canceled before the year is up, there might be chargeback fees, too.

Our goal is to help you build your business by offering you high commission splits on every policy you sell. We also take care of any customer billing that doesn’t happen directly through the insurance company, so you don’t have to charge premiums or calculate and keep track of commission payments yourself.

We Provide In-Depth Training

Great commissions are important, but so is the proper training. With Secure American Insurance, you’ll receive in-depth training on how to use our system and run your business. It can take 7 to 10 business days to complete all our training. The goal is to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to run your business successfully from day 1.

We Offer Full Marketing Support

Great commissions are most useful when you know how to run a successful business. That’s why we have an in-house marketing coordinator who will help you develop and execute a marketing plan for your agency. And you don’t just get marketing support when you’re starting out; you have access to our in-house marketing specialist anytime you need them.

Enjoy Profit Sharing to Scale Your Business

Our goal is to provide your customers with the best insurance for the most competitive price we can offer. That’s why we work with over 40 different insurance carriers. Additionally, we prioritize our agents’ ability to scale their business through profit sharing. When you work with Secure American Insurance, we’ll do everything we can to help your business thrive, allowing you to earn as much as you want with our competitive commission structure.

FAQs about High Commission Splits

What Is the Most Common Commission Split?
How a commission is split usually depends on what type of insurance you sell. For example, if you sell a long-term life insurance policy, you may receive the bulk of your commission in the first year and a lower percentage for renewals. For many types of insurance, agents can earn residual income. This means they receive a commission each time the customer pays their premium upon renewal of their policy. 

Why Are Higher Commission Splits Important?
With high commission splits, you receive a larger percentage of the commission you earn upon the sale of an insurance policy. A higher commission makes it easier for you to get your business off the ground, generate a stable income faster, and achieve the success you’re looking for while providing the best possible service to your customers.

Does My Commission Split Change at Policy Renewal?
No! We keep the commission split the same with our agents no matter what. Agents are paid the same on new business and renewal business. We believe keeping the commission split the same on renewals is key to being able to build a reliable stream of income.

How Are the Commissions for Insurance Agents Calculated?
Insurance commissions are complicated because there are many different types of policies and commission structures available. You will receive a percentage of the commission when the first premium is paid. With some policies, you may receive residual commissions. We’ll go over all of that in detail during your training.

Talk to Us about Our Commission Structure

We understand that the commission structure is one of the most important aspects of running your insurance business. We provide a high commission split to allow you to build your business and achieve success early on. If you have questions about our commission structure or how you can become an agent with Secure American Insurance, please give us a call.

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