Commercial Insurance Training

Commercial Insurance Training to Help You Build Your Business

Starting with writing personal insurance is easy for most agents. Home and auto insurance doesn’t have much variability and it’s easy to work with your friends and family to get policies written. However, many agents look for the opportunity to get their foot in the door in the commercial insurance market, but don’t know how. That’s where the training team at Secure American Insurance come in.

How Our Commercial Insurance Trainers Help You

Our team is always available to provide agents with the training necessary to start writing commercial insurance as well as marketing to commercial clients for new business opportunities. Commercial insurance policies require more knowledge and quoting experience, therefore making the transition from personal insurance to commercial insurance a little more daunting. At Secure American we are here to guide agents through that process. If an agent would like to add commercial insurance to their client offerings, we are here to help them achieve that goal. We never want our team to feel limited and we are here to support the goals each of our agents has.

What to Expect during Training

During commercial insurance training, agents will learn about the ins and outs of commercial insurance policies including, but not limited to, general liability, commercial property, worker’s compensation, business owners policies, cyber liability, and more. Agents learn about the potential needs a business may have, how to identify gaps in coverage, and learn how to identify the correct carrier to place a business with based on that carrier’s appetite. Agents will also learn how to quote in the different commercial quoting systems, properly fill in ACORDs and become acquainted with their assigned commercial underwriters at the various carriers.

FAQs about Commercial Insurance Training

Do I Need to Get a Special Commercial Insurance License?
No you don’t. As long as you have your property and casualty license you are legally able to write commercial insurance.

Once Training is Over, Can I Request Additional Review of My Quotes?
Absolutely! Many of our agents that are new to commercial insurance will ask for review of their commercial quotes prior to presenting them to a client. We encourage this from our agents until they feel comfortable quoting and issuing business on their own.

Outside of Training, Are There Other Ways to Learn More about Commercial Insurance?
Yes! We provide our agents opportunities throughout the year to attend webinars hosted by our commercial insurance carriers that are specifically hosted for the Secure American team. The smaller, more personalized setting allows our team to learn more about the carrier, their appetite, and quoting systems, while also providing an environment that encourages questions and conversation.

We Provide Commercial Insurance Training

When you work with Secure American Insurance, you have a support system built in. We offer in-depth training to onboard our new agents. We also help you create the success you need by providing you with ongoing marketing support for your business. If you’re interested in enrolling in commercial insurance training, schedule an appointment to talk to one of our reps today.

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