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Secure American Insurance Secure American Insurance has always provided me, as an independent agent, all the tools for success. Besides the vast array of resources and the availability to write insurance in every market, Secure American Insurance ensures that I have opportunities to expand my knowledge in the industry.

Joe and Caitlin want their people to reap the rewards' for their hard work. The high commissions paid by Secure American Insurance gives me a sense of accomplishment for each policy I write. They are constantly trying to expand our market, making it easier for me to capture new business. With an ever improving operating system I can offer my insureds excellent service, which gives me a high probability of retaining their business each year.

Seven years ago, my family had succumbed to some very hard times. Before signing a contract with Secure American Insurance I began to question the insurance industry. I was with another agency with little support from the top. But Joe Duncan gave me the opportunity to see results very quickly. And with these results came support to grow and maintain my book of business. These seven years have gone by quickly and my family is now enjoying our success because of the decision to join the Secure American Insurance Team!

- Mike J., Cheyenne, WY

My name is Regina Martinez and I have been in the Insurance industry for 20 years. I believe I made the best choice, when I chose to become an Independent Agent for Secure American Insurance. They have given me the opportunity to help others, during the times they need it most. They have shared their knowledge, loyalty, and commitment with me. Increasing my own knowledge and ability to give back a high quality service to each and every person.

- Regina M., Dallas, TX

I started as an agent with a captive company and learned very quickly that you start to compromise your values to keep clients on the books. I was then given the opportunity to start an agency with Secure American Insurance as an independent broker. This was a game changer!! I no longer had to compromise my values to keep clients on the books. This allowed me to be able to always do what is right for the client. Joe Duncan with Secure American Insurance took the time to make sure I grew and learned the business correctly. Their plug-in system allows you to start to work right away. With great software, data collection forms and the knowledge of where to go with an account really helps you get your business started rapidly! Since I started working with Secure American Insurance, I have built a brokerage with my own building, 11 agents in my team and built a multimillion-dollar business. It feels amazing to be able to say that.

I look back at my decision to join the team at Secure American Insurance, 10 years ago, and I am so grateful. The money is great, but knowing you are doing the right thing for every client is priceless. The good Lord has blessed me by allowing me to be a part of a great organization like Secure American Insurance.

- Lance L., Loveland, CO

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