What is an independent insurance agent?

An independent agent is someone with access to multiple insurance companies which allows them to sell a variety of insurance products through those carriers.

Does Secure American provide a system to keep track of customers?

Yes, our agency utilizes the EzLynx management system and comparative rater, which provides our agents with a system to enter customer information, see customer's policies, and keep track of their growing book of business.

Will I have access to carriers immediately after I choose to join the Secure American team?

New agents are provided access to our carriers shortly after they join the Secure American team. We require that all agents go through the on-boarding process and initial training before they are given their individual set of logins to access the carriers sites to complete quotes and bind new business. We believe that providing immediate access to our carriers supports an agents ability to grow their business.

Do I need to have a CSR or office support staff when I sign-on with Secure American?

Although not required, a CSR and/or office step is a tremendous help during the transition process. Staff is also an imperative part of helping an agent focus on selling insurance and building their business and not spending a lot of time on quoting, servicing, and handling small operational details. All parts of the agency operations and growth are important, however, having people dedicated to each area is a very important part of the being able to grow your agency quickly and successfully.

As an agent, am I responsible for direct billing and commissions?

No. The majority of our carriers will handle direct billing to customers. For billing that needs to be completed by the agency, we have an accounting team that will assist agents in working with their customers to get their billing completed. Commission are also taken care of by our in house accounting team. Agents will never be responsible for commissions processing.

How long does on-boarding training last?

Our on-boarding training typically takes 7-10 business days to complete. We spend as much time as needed with new agents to ensure that they are well-equipped and immediately ready to start writing business.

Does Secure American provide any marketing support?

Yes we do! We have an in house marketing coordinator that works with all Secure American agents to develop and execute marketing plans for their agency. Our marketing coordinator is not a one time resource, agents have the ability to work with the marketing coordinator at any time.

Am I required to have an office space?

No we don't require our agents to have a rented or owned office space. Home offices are acceptable as long as the agent has the proper office equipment and can maintain a professional environment.

How long will it take for me to book my first client?

100% of our agents have booked their first client within 5 business days of completing our training program.

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