Our 2020 Agent Satisfaction Survey

Our 2020 Agent Satisfaction Survey

July 06, 2020

We are committed to making sure our agents succeed.

One of the ways we seek to improve our training process is to collect feedback from our agents. We have decided to share this information for new agents to see how some of our agents feel. The questions we asked were meant to be a bit vague but helpful to find specific areas we could actually improve.

Thank you to all the agents who took the time to fill out the forms sent over, we are firm believers in continuing to learn, improve and grow.

What motivates you to succeed?

Many of the agents rated Money as a top factor - which we knew.

We are so proud to offer some of the highest commissions in the industry - as well as renewal commissions. This allows our agents to really focus on the next most important factor in an agency: Customer Satisfaction. Since our agents are able to earn at a higher level, they can focus their energy into matching clients to the right products with all of our top carriers.

Some of the other common answers: Helping clients save money, educating people on insurance, and building a retirement

Please Rate: I have opportunities to recommend new ideas and solutions

Our average came out to 4.27 out of 5

We are always trying to learn and grow as a company and pass those opportunities down to our agents. The ideas and feedback our agents give us is invaluable. We want to know what resources, education, and carriers will make our agent's even more successful.

How quickly were you able to get your first client?

We place a strong importance on making sure our agents are set up for success when they are done with training. We want to help our agents hit the ground running and our agent feedback tells us that we have been successful in ensuring our new agents are writing business immediately.

First Day: 36%
Quickly/Easily: 28%
First Week: 36%

What are your top three sources for generating new business?

As we grow as a company we are always adding new resources for our agents, marketing resources are just a part of business.

Many of our agents focus on referrals - from friends, clients and carriers.

Many use a network of professionals as well - such as mortgage brokers or realtors, and a few agents use word of mouth with business cards or on social media.

What are the top three key resources that the company provides?

We asked for a limit on this so we could narrow down our resources and dig into what helps our agents get out there and sell.

  • Resources (The continued search for more opportunities to provide better products)
  • Operating System
  • Constant opportunities for continuing education and product education

"Support, patience, advice and communication!"

"A great CRM, Great back office help, Support and training to be successful"

What made you decide to become an independent agent?

"The opportunity to be able to do what's right for the client and not the carrier. I also wanted retention and being a broker allows that to happen."

"Simply to be able to provide a prospect several options to tailor their insurance coverage and expense to fit their needs"

"I have more control of what it takes to be successful and establishing a flexible, safe and positive work environment."

We find the best agents come in with a plan and want to succeed, have a flexible work schedule and are able to manage their income. Independent agencies allow agents to use their knowledge with confidence to help their clients get the best coverage, at the right cost. It also opens up flexibility - since you can work in multiple states you can truly decide how and where you work.

What are three elements of your agency that you would like to improve?

"My Marketing, IT, Social media"

"Staying ahead of the renewals. If increased I would like to re-quote at least 30 days out. Answer more of the calls coming in. More face to face time with clients. Especially commercial."

"Marketing and advertising to attract customers and rewarding loyal customers."

Do you find the technology used to complete your client work challenging?

"I feel it is great! I would however love to see the CRM have the ability to market current & future clients better"

We consistently try out new programs and look for resources for our agents. We also enrolled in some early access programs with our top system provider - EzLynx. We are fortunate to test amazing new programs that will help improve the systems for agents.

Please Rate: I have all the resources I need to operate my agency successfully:

Our Average: 4.3 out of 5

Are you satisfied with your earnings?

We all want to improve our income, but we were satisfied to see that the majority of our agents were satisfied with their income and felt there was no ceiling to the amount of income they could make.

How happy are you with how your agency operates?

"The agency I work with is fantastic"



"I am happy with my agency. There is always room for improvement."

And we agree. Thank you, to our agents who have taken the time to complete our survey.

On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend Secure American Insurance as a business/agency opportunity?

Our average came out to: 9.63

Thank you again, agents!