The New Best time to Post

The New Best time to Post

January 25, 2021

Hey Agents

Social media is such a unique digital marketing beast, we'll going to get right into this.

It's time to reconsider the BEST time to post studies, infographics, etc. and really look into your audience

Instead, we want to build a profile for your own unique data and audience.

A lot depends on your market and brand. Does time even matter anymore since posts are not sorted by recent? Yes in the sense posting consistently is important for the algorithms but time has less meaning when your post are sorted by relevance and interest - these affect your audience and each audience is going to have unique factors.

When is your audience is most active on the platform is a great place to start but keep in mind consistent posting is needed - so pick times that work for you regularly. It's also important to build your brand consistency. When someone looks at your page, are you going to have something random every day? You can plan out content in advance and share themes on specific days. It's great to share random work-related things on your business page, but maybe you are into food and want to share great restaurants you get to try with clients too. Scheduling some items can help hold you accountable and will build your page to that audience - say Monday morning accountability - opening a whole new audience to your content.

We love this article by Buffer. They recommend doing regular post daily at different times over a course of a month or so to find your audience's best time and walk you through how to find this data per platform.

Social media is a growing monster of opportunities. Don't let it scare you away, it just changes how we communicate with our audience. With our thorough agent training, administrative support, and a marketing team behind you - Secure American lets you focus on what matters - Happy Clients. If you are interested in joining us, check out our careers page.