Why Secure American Insurance?

Why Secure American Insurance?

August 03, 2020

Secure American Insurance is a family-owned independent insurance agency headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with agents located in 26 States. We are currently looking for property and casualty agents who will be involved in the sale of personal, commercial, and life insurance products.

Secure American Insurance is dedicated to helping our agents achieve tremendous success. Opening and agency with Secure American Insurance allows you to:

  • Build a Recession Proof Business.
  • Build a Stream of Income.
  • The freedom to build your own schedule.
  • Access to A+ Rated Carriers

As an agency with Secure American Insurance you have the freedom and flexibility to not only grow your business as you wish to see it, but to also spend more time doing what you love.

You will be able to earn more with our unique commission structure. Agents earn 100% new and renewal commission, while Secure American Insurance takes a small participation fee each month. This allows our agents to build a continuous stream of income as their business continues to grow. Our compensation structure, paired with our continuous training opportunities allows our agents to grow their businesses as quickly as they would like to. We also provide our agents with in house coaching, marketing support, accounting support, and compliance reviews.

You will be able to provide their clients unbiased comparison shopping - we represent over 40 A+ Rated carriers - you can help your clients understand the need for exceptional coverage while providing a competitive price.

You will have no limits on the type of insurance you can sell - commercial, personal, life - we work with excellent carriers and don’t limit you on your production and earning potential.

Market Diversification

Each agent at Secure American Insurance is able to represent well-known, highly regarded insurance carriers across the nation. With access to over 40 carriers you will truly be able to meet your clients needs in terms of coverage and price. This allows you to not only be competitive within the insurance industry, but it also allows you to become an educational resource to your clients.

Freedom from Company Requirements

Secure American Insurance has no volume requirements for their agents. We believe that with the right tools and your own motivation you will be able to set your own goals and achieve them. Production goals can often hinder the success of agents, as they become focused on just one aspect of being an agent. We want to cultivate business focused agents - agents that are here to build a business in the long term, not be distracted by short term requirements.

State-of-the-Art Technology

At Secure American Insurance we are proud to be early adopters of insurance driven technology such as EzLynx. We thrive on helping agents automate their business and help clients stay on top of their coverage. Our systems allow you to work from anywhere and continue to build your business at your pace. Our focus on technology has allowed our agents to build more efficient and organized agencies.

Outstanding Compensation

As a Secure American Insurance affiliate agent, we offer higher commission structure with limitless renewal income. This income allows agents to really grow their business in a way that will have a lasting effect on their livelihood. Our goal is to help our agents build a business they can rely on for many years.

On-going Company Support

Secure American Insurance offers assistance with compliance, accounting, business planning, and marketing support. Our agency also strives to keep our team up to date with appetite, product and underwriting changes, and incentive programs with all the insurance carriers we represent. We are also focused on expanding our carrier access when our agency needs it. We help our agents build a road map to success and continue to help them develop their business.

Exceptional, Continuous Training

We provide our agents with continuous training opportunities throughout the year. We encourage our agents to expand their knowledge about our carriers, available technology for their agency, marketing options, and organizational skills to help improve the operation of their agencies. Secure American Insurance believes in the entrepreneurial spirit and aims to help agents capitalize on their ideas - while developing their own business strategy.