Why Secure American?

I started Secure American Insurance based on WHY. With all of the competition for Agents and the consumer, why would a potential agency partner choose Secure American over another competitor? Working in the corporate world, I found that very few people were interested in helping other people achieve their goals and dreams; they were instead only interested in furthering their own careers.

Often throughout my career I identified what I call the "worst practices" within the corporate insurance world; I wanted to move away from this type of business model and professional practices. The vision for starting Secure American came from the idea that I could create a place for all types of people to build their own business. To achieve the dreams and visions that they have for themselves and their families.

The people we are looking for are those that embrace the challenges and rewards of building an agency. People that understand the power of purpose because it defines who you are and what you can become. Purpose is a long term affirmation of WHY you do what you do. At Secure American we are wholly dedicated to serving our team members, customers, and communities in a selfless, humble manner.

If you have been an agent in a captive (one company) environment, have you had the ability or opportunity to make the difficult choices in order to grow your business? If you are struggling with the choices you know are necessary to grow your agency be aware that we have helped many agents grow their business and make the hard but rewarding transition to the independent world.

Perhaps the toughest choice you will every make at your agency is this: Do you want to be the CEO of your small business, develop a team of peak performing specialists, and be perceived as an insurance and financial services resource? Or do you want to operate by yourself or with a small team, offer limited products and services to your customers, and perhaps be viewed as a commodity?

While neither decision is right or wrong, we will help you along the path you choose.

- Joseph Duncan

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